Meet Author Derek Reiner

Dad, Author, Scientist

The Grey Warden is my latest Upper Middle Grade novel. It's about a teenage boy and the flying lizard that always gets him in trouble.

-Excerpt from The Grey Warden 

     “What did you think of the first chapter?” Mom asked.
     I groaned.
     Mom raised her hands. “Answer it, and we can be done.”
     It took me a few seconds to respond. “The farmer told a false truth and an honest lie.”
     Dad sat forward. “Which is worse?”
     I bit my thumb nail, and Mom pulled my arm down, shaking her head. Crossing my legs, I leaned back and laced my fingers behind my head. A moment later I lowered my hands, pulled my feet under the chair, and sat up straight. I hated these questions.
     “Neither, because his intent was good both times,” I said.
     “Good intentions justify a lie?” Dad asked.
     I thought about my relationship with Thelt, and how I kept the details secret even from my family. If I hadn’t lied earlier today, Thelt would be dead.
     “Sometimes,” I said.